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General Guidelines for Posters:

  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: The dimension of posters should be 70 cm wide and 120 cm tall.
  • Venue: Posters should be displayed between 9:00-11:30h on 8 September 2006 at the Venue of the Conference
    and removed after 16:00h on 9 September 2006.
    Poster numbers will be put at the top on each poster board, corresponding to the list bellow.
  • Full text: Authors must bring and present during Registration the final full text of their poster in electronic
    and printed versions. Do not submit text in PowerPoint format!
    Only presented posters will be published in full text after the conference.
  • Technical requirements for full text papers:
    • Maximal length of papers: 7 pages format A4 (210 x 297 mm)
    • Margins: All margins should be 3cm
    • Font size: 14 point for title, 12 point for text in Times New Roman
    • Other: Single spaced, justified, text should not contain subheadings, underlines or bold type
    • Publishing Consent: Authors and co-authors must sign a written permit before their papers be published
      by the Conference organizers.
    • For more information: Please, follow the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals -


Poster No. 1

  • Title: Chance for better life with “mucuviscidosis”
  • Author(s): Kameliya Cherneva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 2

  • Title: Nailfold capillaroscopy in systemic lupus erythematosus
  • Author(s): Z. Stoyneva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 3

  • Title: Strictly symmetrical homonymous hemianopsia with spared macular vision resulting from a ischaemia in the region of Area striata
  • Author(s): Rachev D, Sivkova N
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 4

  • Title: Proliferative activity in pulmonary sclerosing hemangioma
  • Author(s): P. Ganchevska, V. Ivanova, V. Nizamov, V. Ishev, T. Dobrev, A. Uchicov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 5

  • Title: Kikuchi-Fujimoto disease /Histiocytic necrotizing lymphadenitis/ - two Bulgarian cases
  • Author(s): I.Zhutev, E.Nakov, D.Dimov, K.Stanimirova, D.Ivanova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 6

  • Title: Physical-therapeutic and rehabilitation strategies for ameliorating quality of life of patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
  • Author(s): I.Koleva , R. Iochinov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 7

  • Title: Severe microcephaly in child – case report
  • Author(s): T. Marcovici, I. Sabau, I.Simedrea, M. Puiu, R.Tudorache, E. Gamaniuc, M.Lesovici, P.Lesovici
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 8

  • Title: Trace elements selenium and chromium are useful to tretment of metabolic syndrome
  • Author(s): St. Vladeva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 9

  • Title: Rare case of single retrobulbar echinococcosis in a child
  • Author(s): Chr. Tzekov, E, Naydenov, K. Minkin, Zh. Surchev, N. Dimitrova, S. Cherninkova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 10

  • Title: Bulgarian Family with Autosomal Dominant Distal Myopathy with Vocal Cord and Pharyngeal Weakness (VCPDM)
  • Author(s): Guergueltcheva V, Mihaylova V, Senderek J, Kulev O, Ishpekova B, Tournev I
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 11

  • Title: Bulgarian Family with Dominant Intermediate Charcot-Marie-Tooth Neuropathy Type C (DI-CMTC) Caused by a Missense Mutation in the Tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase (YARS) Gene
  • Author(s): Velina Guergueltcheva, Ivailo Tournev, Veneta Bojinova, Boriana Ishpekova, Ivo Kremensky, Vincent Timmerman, Peter De Jonghe,, Albena Jordanova,
  • Country: Bulgaria, Belgium

Poster No. 12

  • Title: Pentalogy of cantrell – rare cardiac malformation
  • Author(s): A. Valkova, K. Kovacheva, R. Rosmanova, M. Simeonova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 13

  • Title: Intermediate Type of Niemann-Pick Disease in Bulgarian Roma Homozygous for an Ancestral Mutation in SMPD1
  • Author(s): Mihaylova V, Hantke J, Sinigerska I, Cherninkova S, Raicheva M, Tincheva R, Tournev I, Kalaydjieva L
  • Country: Bulgaria, Australia

Poster No. 14

  • Title: Most frequent reasons, diagnostic and treatment of immune thrombocytopenic purpura in children
  • Author(s): Malgorzata Mitura - Lesiuk, Marzena Samardakiewicz, Hanna Wisniewska - Slusarz, Jerzy R. Kowalczyk
  • Country: Poland

Poster No. 15

  • Title: Carnitine Palmitoyl Transferase-2 Deficiency and Acute Renal Failure
  • Author(s): P.Miteva, D.Roussinov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 16

  • Title: Challenges, Solutions and Opportunities in Creating a European Clinical Database: Lessons from EuroWilson
  • Author(s): Laszlo Szonyi, Piotr Socha, Samantha Parker
  • Country: UK, Hungary

Poster No. 17

  • Title: Cellular mechanisms of cardiac and lung damage in Aarskog syndrome
  • Author(s): P. Ganchevska, T. Dobrev, K. Popov, V. Nizamov, V. Ishev, A. Trenova, A. Uchicov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 18

  • Title: Expression of c-Jun and bcl-2 in Aarskog syndrome
  • Author(s): T. Dobrev, P. Ganchevska, K. Popov, A. Trenova, A. Uchicov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 19

  • Title: Pierre Robin syndrome – a case of dental treatment under general anesthesia
  • Author(s): E. Ilieva, A. Bakardjiev, A.Beltcheva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 20

  • Title: Two causes of familial amiloidoses polineuropathy
  • Author(s): I Petrova, I Tournev, L Traikov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 21

  • Title: Activity of Allium Ascalonicum (shallot) and Myrtus Communis extract as two novel antibacterial agents against acne vulgaris
  • Author(s): Farajzadeh Sheikh A, Mashhdizade MA, Radmanesh M, Tabee A.
  • Country: Iran

Poster No. 22

  • Title: Kartagener's syndrome: a case report
  • Author(s): Sirakov V, Sirakova M, Sirakov N
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 23

  • Title: Case presentation – rehabilitation after total ACL rupture in top athletes
  • Author(s): Carmen Diaconu, F. Raducan, R. Diaconu
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 24

  • Title: Diagnostic and therapeutic problems at diskinetic syndromes
  • Author(s): M. Ikonomov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 25

  • Title: Crohn disease (CD) - review of clinical manifestation and medical treatment
  • Author(s): A.Atanassova, M. Georgieva, I. Kotzev, I. Krasnaliev
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 26

  • Title: Descriptive epidemiology of crohn disease and ulcerohemorrhagic rectocolitis in Moldova
  • Author(s): Petru Crudu, Iurie Guzgan
  • Country: Moldova

Poster No. 27

  • Title: Amlodipine is superior to Enalapril at reducing carotid intima-media thickness in elderly hypertensives
  • Author(s): Najah R. Hadi
  • Country: Iraq

Poster No. 28

  • Title: Amyloidosis associated arthropathy of the shoulder diagnosed by ultrasonography
  • Author(s): A. Batalov, D. Penev , B. Oparanov , R. Karalilova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 29

  • Title: A case of a child with an undifferentiated type of muscular dystrophy
  • Author(s): Dikova M, Alexiev V, Georgiev H, Vasileva M
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 30

  • Title: Shallomin, a novel antimicrobial agent against bacteria and fungi
  • Author(s): M. Amin, M.A. Tabee and B. P. Kapadnis
  • Country: Iran

Poster No. 31

  • Title: Kabuki syndrome
  • Author(s): K. Kovacheva, V. Marinova, M. Simeonova, V. Nedkova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 32

  • Title: Molecular genetic study of torsion dystonia in Russia
  • Author(s): Slominsky P.A., Shadrina M.I., Popova S.N., Alekhin A.V., Illarioshkin S.N. , Markova E.D., Ivanova-Smolenskaya I.A.
  • Country: Russia

Poster No. 33

  • Title: ALS in Russian population: the study for DNA polymorphism of genes involved in systems of potential contribution to ALS pathogenesis
  • Author(s): Limborska S.A., Shadrina M.I., Zherebtsova A.L., Levitsky G.N., Alekhin A.V., Skvortsova V.I.
  • Country: Russia

Poster No. 34

  • Title: DiGeorge syndrome in patients hospitalized in Department of Pediatric Cardiology in Katowice
  • Author(s): Katarzyna Pucicka-Hoffmann, Kalina Plutowska-Hoffmann, Joanna Kohut, Leslaw Szydlowski, Marek Wites, Piotr Stanek, Jacek Pajak
  • Country: Poland

Poster No. 35

  • Title: Celiac disease associated with recurrent urinary tract infections and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome
  • Author(s): Radu Diaconu, Catalina Bulucea, Carmen Diaconu
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 36

  • Title: Idiopathic pulmonary hemosiderosis (IPH) in children - personal study
  • Author(s): Catalina Bulucea, Radu Diaconu
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 37

  • Title: A beneficial effect of acacia gum in a patient with Nephropathic cystinosis and chronic renal failure
  • Author(s): Aamir Al Mosawi
  • Country: Iraq

Poster No. 38

  • Title: The role and limits of cytogenetic examination in diagnosis of rare chromosomal diseases
  • Author(s): Lungeanu A., A. Arghir, M. Budisteanu, N. Berbec, A. Stana, S. M. Chirieac, M. Bari
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 39

  • Title: Posterior fossa angiomateous malformation as a cause of spontaneous SAH: Case report study
  • Author(s): Hayder K. Hassoun
  • Country: Iraq

Poster No. 40

  • Title: Antiphospholipid syndrome in children with stroke
  • Author(s): Bojinova V., Dimova P., Tomov V., Yankov T.
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 41

  • Title: Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy in childhood - diagnostic criteria and cases presentation
  • Author(s): V.Tomov, V. Bojinova, P.Dimova, V.Gergueltcheva, D.Bogdanova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 42

  • Title: Multiple sclerosis in childhood - frequency, clinical characteristics, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment
  • Author(s): V.Bojinova, P.Dimova, V.Gergueltcheva, R.Petkov, L.Belopitova, T. Yankov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 43

  • Title: Rasmussen’s encephalitis - a case report
  • Author(s): V. Bojinova, P.Dimova, D.Deneva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 44

  • Title: Neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis: the first two Bulgarian cases with confirmed diagnosis
  • Author(s): Petia Dimova, Veneta Bojinova, Zoltan Lukacs, Àlfried Kohlschutter
  • Country: Bulgaria, Germany

Poster No. 45

  • Title: Dysmorphic features in two patients with Seckel syndrome - further delineation
  • Author(s): E. Sukarova-Angelovska, M. Kocova, M Krstevska-Konstantinova, N.Angelkova
  • Country: Macedonia

Poster No. 46

  • Title: Prader-Willi syndrome – report of 8 Ukrainian patients
  • Author(s): Yevseyenkova EG , Tyshchenko N,, Riegel M , Baumer A, Zerova TE and Gorovenko NG
  • Country: Ukraine, Switzerland

Poster No. 47

  • Title: Prader-Willi Syndrome: clinical and molecular particular aspects
  • Author(s): C.Skrypnyk,M.Bembea, O. Bartsch, C. Aulehla-Scholz, W. Kress
  • Country: Romania, Germany

Poster No. 48

  • Title: A five years study on progressive muscular dystrophies in romanian children
  • Author(s): M. Budisteanu, C. Burloiu, C. Iliescu, D. Craiu, S. Magureanu
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 49

  • Title: Thrombocytosis and chromosome 3 rearrangements in chronic myeloid leukemia – report of two cases
  • Author(s): A. Arghir, S. Chirieac, N. Berbec, S. Angelescu, A. Lungeanu
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 50

  • Title: Anti-inflammatory effect of probiotics in inflammatory bowel diseases in children
  • Author(s): Georgieva M. D., Pancheva-Dimitrova R. Z.
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 51

  • Title: Kindler syndrome - clinical and ultrastructural findings. Sporadic occurrence of Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Syndrome
  • Author(s): Yordanova I., Angelova L., Trashlieva M., Tanchev S.
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 52

  • Title: GM1-gangliosidosis presenting as transient hydrops fetalis and neonatal ascites: Case report.
  • Author(s): Kalina Plutowska-Hoffmann, Danuta Jadamus-Niebrój, Teresa Owsianka-Podlesny
  • Country: Poland

Poster No. 53

  • Title: The crucial role of pain management in the treatment of Epidermolysis bullosa. Case report.
  • Author(s): Danuta Jadamus-Niebrój; Kalina Plutowska-Hoffmann; Teresa Owsianka-Podlesny; Iwona Wolicka-Kolacz
  • Country: Poland

Poster No. 54

  • Title: Bindewald syndrome: the combination of Fallot complex, large ears, severe growth and mental retardation
  • Author(s): Valerica Belengeanu, Monica Stoian, Simona Farcas, Kinga Rozsnyai, Cristina Popa
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 55

  • Title: Apert syndrome – three unrelated cases
  • Author(s): Gadancheva V., D. Baleva, V. Stoyanov, L. Angelova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 56

  • Title: Clinical and Genetic Heterogenity in Autism
  • Author(s): Maria Puiu, Doru Vasilie, Vlad - Laurentiu David, Tamara Marcovici, Delia Mihailov
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 57

  • Title: An unusual association: Bourneville syndrome with insulinodependent diabetes mellitus
  • Author(s): M.Bataneant, M. Serban
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 58

  • Title: Analysis of theTGFBI gene mutations in families with hereditary corneal dystrophies in Ukrainian population
  • Author(s): Pampukha V.M., Drozhyna G.I., Livshits L.A.
  • Country: Ukraine

Poster No. 59

  • Title: The principle of justice and medical researches: the rare diseases
  • Author(s): Leslaw T. Niebroj
  • Country: Poland

Poster No. 60

  • Title: Differential diagnosis of 17p11.2 chromosome region rearrangements in patients with HNPP and CMT neuropathy
  • Author(s): Hryshchenko N.V., Patscun E.I., Livshits L.A.
  • Country: Ukraine

Poster No. 61

  • Title: Ambras syndrome, a special form of congenital hypertrichosis: report of two affected sisters
  • Author(s): Kinga Rozsnyai, Simona Farcas, Cristina Popa, Dorina Stoicanescu, Valerica Belengeanu
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 62

  • Title: Short rib polydactyly syndrome – Case report
  • Author(s): F.Davari Tanha MD; Zeinab Moinfar MD; Farzaneh Mirzaaghai MD; Sahar Eftekhari MD;Marzieh Karimi Khezri MD; Zahar Moinfar MD; Sanaz Eftekhari MD
  • Country: Iran

Poster No. 63

  • Title: Analysis of molecular pathologic findings in Czech LGMD2A patients
  • Author(s): Jerabkova B., Stehlikova K., Hermanova M., Fajkusova L.
  • Country: Czech Republic

Poster No. 64

  • Title: Affinity sorbents for extracorporal myostatin hemosorption.
  • Author(s): Kuznetsova T.V., Kukhtenkova E.V., Keruchenko Y.S., Shevelev A.B.
  • Country: Russia

Poster No. 65

  • Title: Oculo-cerebro-renal syndrome phenotype in Iraqi children
  • Author(s): Aamir Al Mosawi
  • Country: Iraq

Poster No. 66

  • Title: The 76th case of Coffin- Siris syndrome: Novel occurrence in Arab
  • Author(s): Aamir Al Mosawi
  • Country: Iraq

Poster No. 67

  • Title: Joint complications in Romanian haemophiliacs
  • Author(s): Mihailov D, Serban M, Arghirescu S, Badeti R, Tepeneu P, Doros G, Puiu M, Pop L, Birsasteanu F
  • Country: Romania

Poster No. 68

  • Title: Screening of Butyrylcholinesterase (BChE) Genotypes in Order to Evaluation of Prolonged Apnea Risk in Succinylcholine Receiver
  • Author(s): Asad Vaisi Raygani, Zohreh Rahimi,,
  • Country: Iran

Poster No. 69

  • Title: Descriptive study of TCD use in neurology
  • Author(s): Hayder k. Hassoun, Abdul-Kareem A. Mahmood
  • Country: Iraq

Poster No. 70

  • Title: Serological Study of Influenza subtype A/H9N2 by ELISA and Hemagglutination Inhibition tests among the poultry workers AHWAZ city during 2003
  • Author(s): Mojtaba Fatahi Abdi Zade, Manochehr Makvandi, Alireza Samarbaf Zade
  • Country: Iran

Poster No. 71

  • Title: Acute Effects of Sildenafil on Echocardiograghic Parameters in Patients with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Author(s): Behzadnia N, Najafi Zadeh K, Sharif K B, Shahabi P.
  • Country: Iran

Poster No. 72

  • Title: Rare malignant eyelid tumours - a case report of Merkel cell carcinoma and Kaposi sarcoma
  • Author(s): Z.Zlatarova,R.Hristova,B.Nenkova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 73

  • Title: Complex Method in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of Spinal Deformations
  • Author(s): P.Nikov, L.Yosifova, P.Mancheva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 74

  • Title: A case with conjunctival non-Hodgkin`s B-cells lymphoma
  • Author(s): Dimitrova, K.; Hristova, R.
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 75

  • Title: Case of non typical morbos behcet in a white man – clinical characteristic and treatment
  • Author(s): I. Demircheva, A. Vangelova, P. Nikov
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 76

  • Title: Congenital uveal coloboma and cataract – intraoperative problems
  • Author(s): À. Vangelova, I. Demircheva, K.Todorova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 77

  • Title: Clinical - genetical aspects in cases of Asher’s syndrome
  • Author(s): N.Filipov, E.Filipov, K.Georgiev, T.Pancheva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 78

  • Title: Urrets-Zavalia syndrome as a complication after surgical treatment af corneal perforations
  • Author(s): K.Georgiev, R. Hristova, T.Pancheva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 79

  • Title: Partial perforating full thickness tectonic corneal grafting in cases of perforated corneal ulcera
  • Author(s): K.Georgiev, R.Hristova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 80

  • Title: A rare case of fulminant necrosis of the periorbital soft tissues after a blunt injury of the supracilliary area. Complications and management.
  • Author(s): P.Nikov, T.Pancheva, R.Hristova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 81

  • Title: A rare case of Dirofilaria repens eyelid invasion
  • Author(s): P.Nikov, T.Pancheva, R.Hristova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 82

  • Title: Free skin reconstructive grafts after rare eyelid injuries
  • Author(s): T.Pancheva, R.Hristova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 83

  • Title: Papilloedema due to rare anatomic variation of the draining system of the brain
  • Author(s): Ch. Vidinova, T. Pancheva, R. Hristova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 84

  • Title: A case of inflammatory pseudotumor – diagnostic and therapeutic approach
  • Author(s): Dabov D, Hristova R, Dimitrova K, Poptodorov G.
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 85

  • Title: Septo-Optic Dysplasia with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (de Morsior Syndrome) - Case Report
  • Author(s): Nikov P., Vangelova A., Demircheva I.
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 86

  • Title: Treatment of complicated cataract in fuchs’ heterochromic cyclitis
  • Author(s): À. Vangelova, P. Nikov, I. Demircheva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 87

  • Title: Mathematical model for quantitative evaluation of enzyme replacement therapy
  • Author(s): B.Radeva
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 88

  • Title: Bone changes in a case with Hutchinson-Gilford progeria in Bulgaria
  • Author(s): B.Radeva,Vasilev
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 89

  • Title: Late diagnosis of a case with a classic Lesch-Nyhan syndrome
  • Author(s): Radka Tincheva, Ivan Litvinenko
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 90

  • Title: Atypical demyelinating disorder
  • Author(s): E. Vassileva, M. Milanova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 91

  • Title: Pharyngeal-cervical-brachial variant of GBS
  • Author(s): Milanov I, Atanasova D, Vavrek E, Milanova M
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 92

  • Title: Thrombosis of sinus sagitalis superior and axonal polyneuropathy in a patient with homocystinuria and secondary antiphospholipid syndrome
  • Author(s): Milanova M, Vavrek E, Radeva M
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 93

  • Title: Ataxia teleangiectasia – a case report. Fascioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy – a case report
  • Author(s): Pavlina Plevova, Simona Siruckova, Jana Prokopcova, Jana Sedlackova, Sylwia Walczyskova, Eva Silhanova
  • Country: Czech Republic

Poster No. 94

  • Title: Xeroderma pigmentosum
  • Author(s): Simona Siruckova, Eva Silhanova, Thierry Magnaldo, Odile Chevallier, Ruzena Kutejova, Sylwia Walczyskova, Pavlina Plevova
  • Country: Czech Republic, France

Poster No. 95

  • Title: Present situation of the patient associations concerning Neuromuscular, Achondroplasia and Cri du chat sydrome Associations
  • Author(s): Judit Beres
  • Country: Hungary

Poster No. 96

  • Title: Antenatal Bartter syndrome type IV combined with kidney malformations and deafness - a case report
  • Author(s): N. Kaleva, A. Ibriam
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 97

  • Title: Acute hemorrhagic edema of infancy (AHEI) – a case report
  • Author(s): Å. Chepisheva, Ì. Bosheva, N. Genkova, P. Stefanova
  • Country: Bulgaria

Poster No. 98

  • Title: Amyloidosis associated arthropathy of the shoulder diagnosed by ultrasonography
  • Author(s): A. Batalov, D. Penev, B. Oparanov, R. Karalilova
  • Country: Bulgaria


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